2016 Good Citizens Award

Lyminge Parish Council hosted its third Good Citizen Awards ceremony on Friday 24th September 2016 in Lyminge Village Hall. There were nominations and all but 3 attended the event. The guest of honour, presenting the awards on behalf of the Kent Lieutenancy, was Deputy Lieutenant Major (Retd.) Dennis Bradley BEM

He congratulated all the recipients on their Awards and sent congratulations to the 3 nominees who were unable to attend

Good Citizen Award Winners

Katharine Barber For her volunteering work on the creation of the Lyminge Tapestry which commemorates the Anglo-Saxon Digs – part of the Legacy from the recent series of Archaeological Digs, and, for her work with the Historical Society and its Archives.

John Carr For his volunteering work within the Parish of Lyminge where he freely uses his technical skills for the benefit of local organisations and individuals; for his work with the Historical Society and especially, for organising and editing the Lyminge a history publications.

Veronica Tate For her extensive volunteering work within several village organisations especially Age UK Lyminge, Operation Sunshine and Lyminge Gardening Society, as well as being a “perfect example” of a good neighbour, helping others wherever she can.

Receiving Certificates of Commendation were:

Giles Barnard For his work within the Parish – consistently over and above the demands of his role as Shepway District Council’s Community Safety Officer.

Sam Cunningham For her volunteering work in creating and running the Christmas Day Lunch Club – from fundraising to organising volunteer helpers and doing the cooking, and for being a very good neighbour.  As Sam could not attend her certificate was collected by a friend on her behalf.

Mike Chinneck For his volunteering work within the Parish Church; for helping other local organisations, and especially, for being a very good neighbour.

Norah Chinneck For her volunteering work within the Parish Church, her gardening work, and for being a good neighbour, helping out wherever she can.

Fran Davis For her volunteering work with Lyminge Friends from its creation; and, the Lyminge Association, especially helping to arrange Fun Days and Garden Safaris.

Rod Davis For his volunteering work within the Lyminge Association, especially helping to arrange Fun Days, Garden Safaris and Christmas Trees and also being an active supporter of Lyminge Friends.

Roger Filby For his volunteering work in helping to maintain the Church and especially, the Churchyard and also, for being a very good neighbour.

Angela Foxon For her volunteering work in Lyminge – as a leader of the Brownies, within the Parish Church, and, at School events.

Mike Foxon For his volunteering work in Lyminge – with the Tayne Centre refurbishment and several other community groups.

Ann Freeland For her extensive volunteering work with Age UK Lyminge for more than years and also, especially, for being a very good neighbour

Roger Goody For his volunteering work in the Parish, especially organising the Music on a Friday events as well as fundraising activities for local charities.

Elaine Hartup For her volunteering work with Rhodes Minnis Village Hall, and especially, for organising the Toddler Group for more than 30 years.

Philip Hawken For his volunteering work in Lyminge – being a School Governor, within the Parish Church and many other village organisations, and, for being a general good neighbour.

Gillian Heywood For her volunteering work within Lyminge – for starting and managing Singing for Health at Age UK Lyminge, for helping at the School,  and with the Lyminge Association Garage Safaris and the Fun Day Dog Show.

Dennis Huntley For his volunteering work with the young people of Lyminge; for helping other organisations with their events and for looking after Jubilee Field as its first Warden.

Geoffrey Kirk For his volunteering work maintaining the grounds and pitches of Sibton Park Cricket Club – whatever the weather!

Sandra Willcox For her volunteering work with the Lyminge Association, helping to arrange celebrations and Fun Days, Calendars and Safaris, and, for helping with other community groups.


Certificates for nominees who were unable to attended the Event were awarded at a later date

Click here to see photographs of the events

The Parish Council extends grateful thanks to the three independent judges and to John Piddock for being the event photographer.



What is the Good Citizen Award and why do it?

The Lyminge Parish Council Good Citizen Award is the Council’s equivalent of the Oscars or Grammy’s, but unlike those which celebrate people doing their jobs, our award is to honour those who have improved the life of individual people and the parish as a whole; making a valued contribution to the community spirit.


Lyminge Parish Council is launching its 16 Good Citizen Awards for people who may not get the recognition they deserve for their efforts to help or improve our communities.

Who are we looking for?

Someone who has made Lyminge, Rhodes Minnis or Etchinghill a better place to live, or a hard working volunteer, or a good neighbour, or someone who always looks out for others, or someone who works quietly to achieve their aim, to inspire others, to provide a service to the community, a volunteer who is always there helping out in the background wherever you go in our communities.


Someone, young or old, who goes far beyond what is expected of them and does so willingly. 


Tell us about your Unsung Heroes


Nomination Forms are available in Lyminge Library, Post Office, the New Surgery, the Church Road Surgery and the Jubilee Centre at Age UK.

The Forms can also be downloaded here


Closing date for entries is 30 June 16


The Awards Ceremony will take place on 24 September 16.