How do I bring a matter to the attention of the Council?

You might be concerned about any number of matters and you can bring your concerns to the Council by:

1. Contacting the Clerk.  Do this as soon as you become aware of a problem – the sooner an issue is reported the sooner the chance of it being resolved.  In appropriate cases, where the Parish Council has had sufficient notice of a problem (usually no less than ten days before a meeting) and the problem is such that a formal decision by the Council is needed to progress the matter, an item may be put on the agenda for a formal discussion;

2. Asking a question or reporting a matter during the public session at the beginning of a Parish Council meeting.  This part of the meeting is intended to provide a means of exchanging information.  It is not possible for the Parish Council to take decisions on matters raised during this time.  If it is simply information you need then it is helpful to let the Chairman or Clerk know no less than two days before the meeting of any question you wish to raise.  This also means that there is a better chance of your question being answered as opposed to it having to be deferred because information is not to hand.  It also helps the Chairman to plan the order of questions and ensure the meeting runs smoothly.  Remember, if the Parish Council is being asked to take action on a matter it must have adequate notice before the meeting because if not, it will be necessary for the item to be deferred to the next meeting.