Lyminge Badminton Club


Main Hall, Lyminge Methodist Church, Church Road, Lyminge CT18 8JA

Every Thursday (outside school holidays) between 7.30 and 9.30


What resources we have

We only have 1 court available to us and it has a lowish ceiling.


How we play

We play friendly but at the same time competitive, doubles matches between ourselves, rotating the couples to give everybody a fair chance of playing with different people.  Whilst sitting out the odd match we have some good conversations, gossip and always laughter.



We have no formal membership and the 15 regulars pop along when they can, an average night having 6 to 10 players. This means that we are unfortunately unable to accept any new players at the moment. However do let us know if you are keen to start playing with others that we know of on another evening.


Who to contact: Mike Foxon on 86 2073 or email: