August 15
Dr Gabor Thomas and team came back for a smaller Dig on Tayne Field, in order to answer questions raised last year. See News and Events above for more information and don’t forget the blog:
The Lyminge Excavations 12 – 14
Undertaken by Dr Gabor Thomas
You can keep up to date with all that is happening on Tayne Field by reading Alexandra Knox’s excellent Blog at:  
Click here to see a 3 minute documentary with Dr Thomas on Tayne Field talking about the Dig – made by a local resident in Summer 13
The Lyminge Excavations 08 – 11
Undertaken by Dr Gabor Thomas
There is a wealth of information from the Lyminge Digs on the University of Reading’s website and the following link will take you directly there:
As well as all the interim reports there is an evaluation report and several detailed assessments.
Dr Thomas has also been informed that Lyminge has been shortlisted for the British Archaeological Awards 12 in the category ‘Best Archaeological Project’.   The decision will be made on the night of the event – 9th July 12
Future plans 12 – 14
It is Dr Thomas’ intention is to mount a further 3-year campaign of excavation on Lyminge village green (Tayne Field) 12-14 with funding from the AHRC (decision expected April 12). This phase of research will also complete a ground-penetrating radar survey within and without the footprint of the Parish Church of St Mary and St Ethelburga to help re-interpret the core buildings of the monastic complex as initially brought to light by mid-19th-century antiquarian investigations in the churchyard (Thomas 05).

Latest news on the planned excavations on Tayne Field 12-14

Congratulations are due to Dr Gabor Thomas for succeeding in his funding bid. He is now in a position to carry out his 3 year plan for excavations on Tayne Field 12-14, commencing July 22nd for the first of our 6-week summer field seasons