In 1953 an excavation done in the course of a planning application revealed an astonishing amount of 5th century grave goods.

After the excavation the items were removed for safety and in 13 the Historical Society organised a visit to Maidstone Museum to hear the story and view some of the finds.

The following photographs were taken on that occasion by Historical Society member, John Piddock.

The limitations of this website prevent us from showing all the photos on this page so we include one to whet your appetite and links to all the others


Brooch found in Grave 44

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Glass Bottle from Grave 13

Brooch from Grave 44

Claw Beaker from Grave 41 (1)

Copper Alloy set with coloured glass from Grave 27

Crystal Ball

Glass Beaker from Grave 63

Rich Burial of a Woman who was found in a coffin in Grave 44

Item 1 = Alloy pin from Grave 62

Item 4 = Axe head from Grave 7

Item 10 = Gilt Copper Alloy button brooches from Grave 61

Item 13 = Spearhead from Grave 5 and Item 14 = Spearhead from Grave 4

Item 14 = 2 Copper Alloy square-headed brooches from Grave 60

Item 26 = Tinned Copper Alloy from Grave 62 and Item 27 = Copper Alloy set with coloured glass from Grave 36

One of a pair of silver cloisonné set circular brooches


Silver Spoon 

Silver Spoon close-up

Lyminge Historical Society members in Maidstone Museum examining the finds


Click here to see the report in Archaeologia Cantiana –  Vol. 69  1955  Pages 1 to 40

The Jutish Cemetery at Lyminge  By Alan Warhurst, B.A., A.M.A.