Lyminge Youth Action





The young people of Lyminge in association with Lyminge Youth Action are looking at the possibility of setting up a Youth Club.

If you feel you could commit one evening a month to helping run the evening which will be fun and lively for all, please contact:

Jane Seymour 01303 862142 or Gary Harrison 079 7798 2185 for further information  
– Do You Want To Get Fit?
– Have you tried Jubilee Field's exercise machines yet?
– These machines are for ALL ages.
– They are free, you can go there anytime, they are easy to use.
The tennis net is now up in the multi-surface area it would be nice to see it being used.
Have some fun and get fit too, if you want some company to start you off, call me
Contact: Jane Seymour Tel: 01303 862142  email:


HELP needed