Bullet Points from The Village Plan Meeting held at the Methodist Parlour, 09/06/ 09

Present: Cllr Richard Chubb, Cllr Marian Chubb, Cllr Colin Manvell, Cllr Nikki Hunnisett, Cllr Tim Collins.
Bringing forward the action points from the present Village Plan, the following points were noted.
1. The Parish Council will produce a road safety and parking plan, signs to deter HGV’s from using the Elham Valley will be pursued with KCC. The council to keep a watching brief on this. HGV usage of the Elham valley appears to have reduced
2. Leisure Facilities are being built in Lyminge and Proposed for Etchinghill. This action is ongoing
3. Housing development will be resisted. This will continue and it was recommended that we visit the exhibitions for Shepway LDF Core Strategy
4. The Parish Council will monitor Surface water road drains and seek to increase frequency of road cleaning
A copy of the road sweeping schedule to be requested from Shepway Council. A letter to be sent from the Parish Council to request this. Cllr Collins to forward letter to Pam to ask for the Schedule.
5. With K.C.C.and Shepway D.C, the Parish Council will examine ways to improve lighting at key points which were identified in the questionnaire. Continue to manage the existing list of Lyminge Village Hall, Tayne Field and Palm Tree Way to Church Road. The bottom of Westfield lane Etchinghill should be added to the list. Needs to be investigated and consultations with residents.
6. The Parish Council will advise KCC of additional roads which need gritting during winter weather conditions and will provide additional gritting Bins at appropriate locations. Two additional bins now in Lyminge. This is in hand.
7. The Parish Council will continue to offer support and assistance to our Rural Community Warden. The council continues to support him and we enjoy reciprocal support from him. This is on going
8. The introduction of doorstep refuse and recycling met most of the concerns expressed. The Parish Council will review the need for a re-cycling ‘bring site’ in Lyminge. The meeting felt that with the existing Bottle, Bank, Clothes recycling and can recycling site on the Lyminge library car park site and the collection of Garden Waste on fortnightly basis this was now adequately covered.
9. The resident’s views on local pubs have been discussed with the Publicans concerned. No further action required
10 Unnecessary increases in Council Tax will be challenged. No action required, the Council will continue to challenge unnecessary rises
11. Your views on the local healthcare services will be passed to the Local NHS Primary Care Trust. Done
12. Your views on the role of and need for local churches in the community will be passed to all local faith bodies. The Council will continue to support local faith bodies
13. Possible difficulty of access for emergency services will be reviewed by the Parish Council. The Council is being pro-active and has been in consultation. This is on going
14. The Parish Council will explore with other local Parish Councils any Need for change to the current Parish Boundary. Nothing done as a Council at present. This needs formalising re Rhodes Minnis. Cllr Hunnisett to make enquiries on how to proceed.
15. The Parish Council will continue to encourage and support the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. The council does support and needs to further encourage the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Cllr Manvell to write to Sally Coleman, Liaison Officer for ideas to promote the scheme. A co-ordinator for Lyminge is required.
16. The Parish Council has contacted the Post Office Manager with your views on its services. As and when the Post office is sold, the Council approach the new owners re lunch time closing and disabled access
17. The Parish Council will continue to improve communication to keep residents aware of Council activities. Improved signage to places of interesting the Parish will be pursued by the Parish Council. The Parish Council Website is being activated, Minutes are placed in the Lyminge News letter, Posters are kept up to date in the Notice Boards and Finger Posts are being placed within the Parish.
18. The Parish Council will contact KCC with a view to improving footpath access. Re footpath past Broadstreet House, the Council are disappointed with the inability of K.C.C. to further this need. It is still on going and being actively pursued by the Council.
19 Local shops have been informed of your views and your reasons for shopping both inside and outside the Parish. No Action required
. The Parish Council will seek to improve local bus services and bus shelters. The Council will continue to monitor the bus services and there has been an increase in services for school children Bus shelters are being improved.
21. We will report your concerns on patchy reception for digital radio and television services to broadcasters. We aim to compile a map of mobile phone network coverage. Residents did not want a mast on the Church Tower. The Council need to ascertain which mobile phone networks to work and will use questionnaires placed in the Post Office and Library. Questionnaires to include network used and post code residents live in and does the network work. Results to be published in the Lyminge News Letter.
22. The Parish Council will be exploring improved adult education opportunities in the Parish. The School has communicated with Parents- what do they want. Information being sent to K.C.C. to be analysed.
Age Concern in Lyminge is starting free computer training which will consist of an 8 lesson course. This will be advertised in the Newsletter
Art Classes take place in the Methodist Church Lyminge Thursday P.M.
23 The Parish Council would support a walking bus scheme for Lyminge Primary School. The Council are still pushing for this, but need support. The matter is on going
This review of the Parish Plan is to be placed on the Lyminge Parish Council Website as soon as it is available. Notification of its availability on the website will be sent to the Lyminge Newsletter and residents are encouraged to send in their views regarding the Parish Plan and to advise the Council of other things they would want us to consider.