Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary
The Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary was founded in 1970 and now has a staff of 6. Since 1970 we have found new homes for over 13,000 cats.
We re-home as many cats as possible but those that cannot be re-homed, because they are too timid, dirty, bad tempered, on permanent medication or just won't settle in a house, stay with us for the rest of their lives.
At any one time we have about 1 cats on the premises, of which about 50 are available for re-homing.
Many of the cats we take in are 10 or more years old and we are one of the few charities able and willing to take on these feline pensioners, who are so deserving, and so need the warmth and security of a new settled and loving home.
Full details are available on the website: www.rhodesminnis.co.uk
Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary
Seathwaite Boarding Cattery
Green Lane
Rhodes Minnis,
Phone:01303 862243
Fax:01303 862544
Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary – Reg charity 262245

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