1              These terms of Reference were agreed by the full Council on 26 July 2010 and recorded in minute 9.3.



2              The Committee shall consist of a minimum of 4 Councillors who shall be elected each year at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.


3              Existing Committee members are eligible for re-election.



4              The Committee will operate within Local Government law and within the Council’s own Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.


5              The Committee shall, at its first meeting after the Council’s Annual Meeting, elect a Chairman.  It may, at that or any other time, elect a Vice Chairman.


6              Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman may stand for re-election.


7              The quorum of the Committee shall be a minimum of 50% of all those entitled to attend and, in any event, no less than 3 Councillors.


8              The Council delegates, under section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972, all matters referred to in the section “Committee Functions” for decision by the Committee.

BUT some Committee functions are merely for consideration by the Committee and for Committee recommendations to be submitted to the next meeting of the full Council for decision.


9              The Committee will submit minutes of its meetings to the next Council meeting for ratification and/or for approval of recommendations.


10           The Committee will review its Terms of Reference annually at its first meeting after the Council’s Annual Meeting.



11           A schedule of meetings will be agreed  annually in advance.




12           The Committee will consider and make recommendations to the Council on the following issues:

Staff – the engagement/employment of all staff and all policies relating to staffing matters
Administrative procedures for the smooth running of the Council – policy issues
Budget – the annual budget of both the Committee, the overall Council budget and monthly budget monitoring via management accounts
End of Year Accounts
External Audit – sign off of the annual return to the external auditor.
Council Grants to organisations benefitting Lyminge Parish  
Insurance – the annual policy renewal
Publication Scheme
Standing Orders and Financial Regulations


13           The Committee will decide on behalf of the Council the following issues:

Staff – Implementation of the terms and conditions of the employment of all staff such as pay and conditions, expenses, contract of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures, health and safety policy, staff training

·         Administrative procedures – implementation

VAT – all issues relating to VAT
HMRC – all issues relating to HMRC
Financial matters – day to day routine issues
Asset Register
Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Investment Policy
Travel and Subsistence allowances
Internal Audit and its effectiveness
Insurance – implementation of insurance requirements


Recommended by F + A Committee on 14 July 2010.  Agreed by full Council on 26 July 2010.

Reviewed by F + A Committee on 22 June 2011.  No change agreed by full Council on 27 June 2011.

Reviewed by F + A Committee on 18 July 2012.  No change agreed by full Council on 30 July 2012.

Reviewed by F + A Committee on 19 June 2013.  Change agreed by full Council on 24 June 2013.

Reviewed by F + A Committee on 21 May 2014.  Change agreed by full Council on 2 June 2014.

Reviewed by F and A Committee on 17 June 2015.  No change agreed by full Council on 29 June 2015.

Reviewed by F and A Committee on 21 September 2016.  Minor change agreed by full Council on 26 September 2016.

Last agreed change in red.